Wasatch-Cache National Forest  is located primarily in northern Utah (81.23%), with smaller parts extending into southeastern Idaho (16.42%) and southwestern Wyoming (2.35%). The name is derived the Ute word Wasatch for a low place in high mountains, and the French word Cache meaning to hide. The term cache originally referred to fur trappers, the first Europeans to visit the land. The Wasatch-Cache National Forest boundaries include 1,607,177 acres (6,504.01 km2) of land.

The Wasatch-Cache was headquartered in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah until August 2007 when its management was combined with the Uintah National Forest and is currently being managed as the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. The merged forest is based out of South Jordan, Utah. The Kamas Ranger District was merged with the Uinta National Forest's Heber Ranger District in Heber City. With the newly included Uinta National Forest the forest will expand to 2,487,896 acres (10,068.16 km2).

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