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The Boy Scouts of America operates the following councils to administer scouting programs for this region:

  1. Alamo Area Council - headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, serves a 13 county area in Texas.
  2. Bay Area Council
  3. Buffalo Trail Council - comprises five Districts serving West Texas.
  4. Caddo Area Council serves Arkansas and also Bowie and Cass counties in Northeast Texas.
  5. Capitol Area Council - serves 15 Central Texas counties surrounding Austin.
  6. Circle Ten Council - serves BSA units in North Texas and a portion of Oklahoma.
  7. Conquistador Council - eastern New Mexico and Parmer County, Texas
  8. East Texas Area Council - serves 17 counties in Texas.
  9. Golden Spread Council - serves Scouts in the Panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma.
  10. Longhorn Council - serves Scouts in a 23 county area of North Texas and Central Texas.
  11. NeTseO Trails Council - NorthEast Texas and SouthEast Oklahoma
  12. Northwest Texas Council =
  13. Rio Grande Council -
  14. Sam Houston Area Council -
  15. South Plains Council -
  16. South Texas Council -
  17. Texas Southwest Council =
  18. Texas Trails Council -
  19. Three Rivers Council -
  20. Yucca Council -

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