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The Boy Scouts of America operates the following councils to administer scouting programs for this region:

  1. Coronado Area Council - serves north central and northwest Kansas, across 32 counties, with headquarters in Salina.
  2. Heart of America Council -serves Scouts in Missouri and Kansas. (Kansas City Metro Region)
  3. Jayhawk Area Council - in 1928 the Topeka Council took over 39 counties across northern Kansas and became the Jayhawk Area Council.
  4. Ozark Trails Council - serves Scouts in Missouri and Kansas.
  5. Pony Express Council - based in Saint Joseph, Missouri, and also serves Scouts in Kansas.
  6. Quivira Council - serves youth in south central Kansas, with headquarters in Wichita.
  7. Santa Fe Trail Council - includes nineteen counties in southwestern Kansas,

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