Scouting in Alabama has a long history, from the 1910s to the present day, serving thousands of youth in programs that suit the environment in which they live.

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In 1918 a council was formed in Selma, only to be dissolved in 1920. That area would be served later by the Tukabatchee Area Council.

Until 1948, some councils of the Boy Scouts of America were racially segregated. The National Office began a program of integrating local councils in 1940, which was largely complete in 1948.

Circa 1960, the BSA renumbered all local Councils in alphabetical order by state and headquarters city. That numbering system remains in use today. In this sequence, Council "Number 1" (not the 'oldest BSA Council') was the Council originally was called the Choccolocco Council that was headquartered in Anniston, Alabama. That Council, combined with two others, now forms the Greater Alabama Council, headquartered from Birmingham, Alabama. Boy Scouting in Alabama today

In the 1990s, the Boy Scouts of America went through a restructuring in an attempt to reduce manpower, and in several states small historic Councils were merged into a larger supercouncil. The new Greater Alabama Council is an example of such a supercouncil. There are eight BSA local councils serving Scouts in Alabama today.

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  1. Alabama-Florida Council (#003) - Dothan AL
  2. Black Warrior Council (#006) - Tuscaloosa AL
  3. Chattahoochee Council - Columbus GA
  4. Choctaw Area Council - Meridian MS
  5. Greater Alabama Council (#001) - Birmingham AL
  6. Gulf Coast Council - Penascola FL
  7. Mobile Area Council (#004) - Mobile AL
  8. Tukabatchee Area Council (#005) - Montgomery AL

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  1. Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama
  2. Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama

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