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Scouting Forums

These forums provide a venue by which we can make plans, ask for help, or bounce ideas off of each other. Please remember to keep everything civil.

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Ways to help out

Things to doEdit

Community processes

At present, there is no equivalent to the bulk processes at Wikipedia. If this Wiki grows beyond a few people, we may need to develop processes, but for now, informal processes should do.


If a page unquestionably needs to be deleted, tag it with {{delete}}. That will add it to Category:Candidates for speedy deletion. That template accepts a parameter, which is a reason for deletion. For example, {{delete|G11 - advertising page}} will add the reason "G11 - advertising page" to the speedy deletion template.

The following are criteria for deletion without discussion:

  • S1 - any page that could be deleted under one of Wikipedia's criteria for speedy deletion - please note the criterion if it is not obvious
  • S2 - Pages that are completely unrelated to Scouting, with the exception of user pages and a limited number of images that are used only in user space
  • S3 - Pages where all or substantially all of the content is un-Scoutlike, profane, or offensive. If a page is vandalized with profane vandalism, it should be removed from history.
  • S4 - Articles that should be on Wikipedia. If there is nothing that we have to add beyond an encyclopedic article on a subject, then there's no need to copy the article here and have two places to maintain the text.


Having access to the administrator tools, as with on Wikipedia, does nothing other than to provide access to tools that for security reasons cannot be granted to everyone. Until we grow to be of a reasonable size, anyone who has been a member for a reasonable amount of time and made a reasonable number of contributions may be granted access to the tools on request if there is a demonstrated use for the tools and there are no objections. (See also, Principle of First trust).

Scouting Wiki policiesEdit

  1. Obey the Scout Law
  2. No profanity

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