TARGET: Parents and Church Youth Program Leaders

Why Scouting will Grow in the 21st Century

There are a number of reasons why the scouting movement should grow strongly in the 21st Century around the world. One reason is that Scouting as a youth achievement program is far superior to any other such extra-curricular activity.

Today's young people need powerful incentives to encourage them to take the risk to step beyond their normal comfort zone and to participate in positive, character-building activities. Today the big corporate entertainment uses incredible tools to seduce them away to waste hours on end in mindless and addictive entertainment or electronic gaming.

They need to be smart enough to overcome all of the deceptions and false fantasies that the mass media hurls at them. Yet so many people today waste their lives by either chasing get rich quick schemes, cowering inside "safe zones", or addicted to endless entertainments, drugs, or worse.

What youth activity program can compete against all of that? Additionally it needs to start early in life, before they are lost to dangerous habits and wrong ideas.

1. Winning Through Hard Work Edit


Scouts in Indiana building a trail bridge.

Do Hard Things is an important lesson for youth in any society. Parents want their children, regardless of their ability and talents, to see that good planning and hard work pays big rewards.

The big lesson of hard work teaches planning ahead and taking risks. It teaches key study skills as one gains the wisdom and techniques required to get the job done efficiently. It teaches the value of finding and mastering the right set of tools critical to success. It is critical to gaining the self-confidence to leave home and strike out on one's own path in the world.

The many incentive rewards built into Scouting is very powerful tool to push young people to go to work on an activity or project. Merit badges and other activity programs provide for immediate Infact there are over 135 merit badge activity programs covering a wide range of topics. Plus numerous outdoor exploration activity projects.

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