Scofield State Park is part of Scofield Reservoir impounded by Scofield Dam, in Carbon County, Utah.

Located on the Price River, a tributary of the Green River, Scofield Reservoir is adjacent to northernmost boundary of the Manti-La Sal National Forest. The reservoir sits at an elevation of 7,618 feet (2,322 m), on the northern edge of the Wasatch Plateau. Utah State Route 96 runs along the western shoreline.

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The reservoir is also home to the Scofield Triathlon, held annually since 2006.


This park is administered by Utah State Parks which is a division of Utah Department of Natural Resources. Discover the beauty and history found in the many State parks of Utah. A wide variety of great activities are available including over 2000 campsites.

See also Scouting in Utah.

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Scofield has traditionally been one of Utah's top fisheries. Besides producing desirable sizes and quantities of trout, it is unique in that it is an outstanding shore fishery. The reservoir is home to rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, redside shiner, mountain sucker. Common invertebrate species include damselfly, mayfly, and crayfish.[6] It is also popular during the winter as an ice fishery. In recent years the fishery and its management have been impacted due to water quality impairments.

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