The Canadian Jamboree 2007 more commonly called CJ'07, was an event which took place July 25th to August 1st in 2007. The event was at Tamaracouta Lake in the province of Quebec in Canada. This camp was held in honor of the 100th year of scouting, which was in 2007.

Scouts from all over Canada, the USA, England and some from Australia participated in CJ'07. The camp site was originally designed for 2000 people, but it was expanded to fit all 8000 Scouts and Venturers that arrived.


The CJ'07 site was so big it was divided into several sub-camps, they were:

  • Kananaskis
  • Fort Amherst
  • Brownsea
  • Cabot Beach
  • Blue Springs
  • Byng
  • Boulevard Lake
  • Connaught Ranges
  • Gilwell Park